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2003 Mustang gt w/ kennebell supercharger
4.6l v8 with a 2.1l kennebell supercharger
flowmaster exhaust
Asking 9500

Contact Devin at

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2014 Shelby GT500 Coupe

Was sent this information and asked to post it for anyone interested.
2014 Shelby GT500 Coupe 5.8L 6 speed
3,200 miles, no smoke, no food, garaged. Has every option available (track pack, electronics, etc.) Just too much car for grandpa for what he thought he wanted.
Asking price is $64,900 and this includes an extended
Warranty for maintenance and parts to 48,000 miles....
these two extended warranties cost over $5,500 so
quite a good perk to go with the car.
For more information please contact
Becky Coulter
619 846 8372
San Diego, Ca.

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Build Sheet and options
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